If you are thinking about homeschooling your kids, here are 10 things to know and advice that has helped me so much in our homeschool journey and I hope it will serve as a help for you too!


1. Homeschool parents do not have to be “expert teachers” but resourceful teachers

Even the best teachers can’t answer every question their students ask them, and to be a homeschool parent, you don’t have to be an expert teacher. The key to being a great teacher is being able to be resourceful and use great resources to supplement your homeschool classroom one day at a time.

2. It’s ok to have hard days in a homeschool day

Even in a regular day of homeschool , you can have hard days and that is ok, regathering your thoughts and taking a break if needed is so important, the curriculum or lessons can wait until the next day. how you handle each situation will benefit your and your children in the long run.

3. Homeschooling doesn’t always mean staying at home

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be school done at home all the time. Take your lesson plans outside and enjoy some of the flexibility you have over where your lesson plans can take place. Nature studies are the best and so fun!

4. There are teacher discounts out there, even for homeschoolers

We have been homeschooling now our 2nd year, so I know by now that most of the costs of books and activities will bring us to budget for our homeschool in how we can. I learned that you don’t have to completely fund everything out of pocket! While you may have to cover most of the expenses yourself, take advantage of those discounts for teachers that many stores offer. Also there are many great homeschooling resources for free and some at low costs. Take some time out to research what will be the best fit.

5. Your kids will still make friends

As a mom, you may worry that your kids won’t make any friends. However, your kids will still make friends! They will play sports and play with the neighborhood kids and will learn to make friends through other places!

6. You will need the flexibility homeschooling offers

Sometimes, you will completely throw away your lesson plan. It’s okay to do this some days and take advantage of the nice weather, or other learning opportunities. This freedom is truly the best for you and your kids!

7. It will be a struggle, but you can teach kids at different levels

This is going to require more work and planning on your part, but trust me, it can be done! You may have to plan activities for different ages or have more independent work assignments to make it work. Unit studies are really a great option as well.

8. Your library is a goldmine of resources

Libraries have everything from books to read in the classroom to textbooks and other materials you can use to supplement your classroom. YouTube is also a helpful resource for learning. Etc…

9. You don’t need to teach every subject every single day

Unlike a traditional classroom where you may need to cover all the different subjects in a day, it’s okay to do one subject per day or even a combination of a few of them.

10. Most of the parents who don’t homeschool their kids won’t understand

I have learned that many parents, and others who don’t homeschool their kids may judge you for not sending your kids to public school. Some may even be a little mean about it too and not understand your views. It’s Ok! Stick with your decision and don’t let other parents influence your decision. It’s ok to be different. 🙂

Homeschooling can sometimes be a struggle, but at the same time, it’s a labor of love! I wouldn’t trade our homeschool journey for the world, but sometimes I’ve thought about trading it for a nap. 😉 There are going to be many ups and downs in your homeschool journey but so much more benefits overall.

I hope these little lessons have given you some great food for thought. Feel free to leave a reply and subscribe to keep posted on new homeschooling tips!

Happy homeschooling! 💗

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