Fun Activities for Homeschool

Fun Activities for Homeschool

As a homeschool mom and teacher I am creating a series of all things homeschool curriculum. We are very excited to start this week plus some very fun activities and more!

I have learned in this journey to go with the flow allow the grace that comes with teaching your children any subject or curriculum, as they take the time to develop skills at their own unique pace. Finding ways to make learning fun. Remember that it’s ok to take it one day at a time. ❤️


Basket Ball Multiplication

Who said you have to sit down and learn multiplication every time? Make a little hoop and hang it on the back of a chair. Your kids can use a soft ball, if they don’t have one just crumple a sheet of paper to form a ball, and shoot hoops. Each time they manage to shoot the ball successfully through the hoop, they get to multiply their points based on the table they are learning. Say for instance it’s the four times table, first basket gives them four points, second one gives them eight, third one gives them twelve and so on. They will start learning the tables so fast just to ensure that they have more points than their siblings at the end of the game.

Sink of Float Experiment

Have your child understand the properties of buoyancy by doing this simple and fun experiment. Have a big bowl of water placed in the kitchen. Now send them out to pick up three things that float and three things that will sink in the water. If they don’t know what will happen to the object they can simply take a guess. Now place the items one at a time in the water bowl. Were they able to make accurate guesses? Discuss what guesses went wrong and why. Speak of the materials that the objects have been made out of. Have them figure out if size or design changes in the object will help them float or make them sink. This can be quite an inclusive science experiment. Plus it’s simple to set up and you can do it more than once.

Create a Picture Book

Take a topic that is being discussed for example animals in the jungle or deep sea creatures and start gathering information to make a picture book about it. Give them access to some of the child-safe websites and ask them to find pictures on the animals or the subject and have them print them out to bind into a book. Or if they like to draw they can sketch them on a paper. Each picture can also have a line explaining what it is about if you have older kids. For younger kids you can write down on a board or paper a short sentence that they can copy and write about each picture. This is a fun way to get them to do writing and still love the project by exploring all the interesting topics.

Read Out Loud together

One of the best ways to get your child interested in reading is to read out loud story books. Once they begin to identify the words on the page, you may ask to do a dialogue in different voices with him reading out part of the text. It can be so much fun using different voices for different characters in the book and favorite characters. This is a fun way to read together!

These are a few fun activities to do at home among many more creative ways to learn! Let me know of any ones you enjoy! Thanks for reading!


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