Simple Whipped Honey Cinnamon Butter

This delicious recipe is very easy to put together, with only three main ingredients you don’t have to worry about sneaky added ingredients. It is light and airy and is a delicious sweet topping to keep on hand to serve with fluffy sourdough bread, pancakes, crackers, or fruit loaf. You can also take this whipped butter up a notch by adding some optional ingredients. You’ll love the decadence of this sweet treat.

How To Make Whipped Honey Cinnamon Butter


Mixing Bowl
Electric Mixer or Stand Mixer (see notes)


100 g Butter softened
15 g Honey
5 Cinnamon ground (1.5 tsp)
5 g Vanilla (1 tsp)
15 g Powdered Sugar


Add softened butter, honey and cinnamon to a bowl (or stand mixer).

Add optional ingredients if using.

Whip ingredients together until light and fluffy.


Notes on Equipment
You can use electric or a stand mixer for this recipe. It’s not suitable for consistency to mix by hand.

Notes on Optional Ingredients

Whipped Honey Cinnamon Butter with just butter, honey and cinnamon is perfect. This is the version I feed my kids! But if I want to make it super decadent for myself (and friends) I add the vanilla and powdered sugar.
You can substitute maple syrup for the honey if you wish.

Best Tips For Making Honey Cinnamon Butter

While this recipe is super simple, there are few pointers that will ensure you end up with the best honey cinnamon butter possible.

  • For best results, use a stand mixer or electric mixer. This recipe is not recommended for hand mixing.
  • Use room temperature butter and honey so that they whip together easily.
  • For the best result, use grass fed salted butter. Try to use the best quality butter you can find – you’ll be rewarded with the creamiest whipped butter treat ever!
  • You can replace the honey with maple syrup if you’d prefer.

How To Store Whipped Honey Cinnamon Butter

This delicious sourdough topping will last in the fridge for up to one month or can be frozen for up to six months.

It’s not recommended to store at room temperature, particularly if you live in a warmer climate. If the butter becomes too soft or melts, it’s basically ruined and you can’t whip it back together.

When using from the fridge, allow to soften before serving. If it’s really hard and you want to use it quickly, you can give it a quick whip using hand mixers.

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